Final in the serie is Rapa Nui, an eco-fashion company selling organic clothing. The crew is very young and ran by 2 brothers, Martin and Rob on the Isle of White. It seems that the brothers work very hard towards their business while trying to keep a very cool relaxed image in line with the Surfer dude clientele. On Naked Friday they re-invent the organic cotton sock! Video coming soon.

You can find out what the young entrepreneurs think about the program, for once a company who admits they have done this for the publicity!

The latest participant to the Naked Office is Definitive a print and media agency. Even if all employees don’t always embrace the concept the naked office experience seem to have boosted confidence & strengthened team spirit. Big thumbs up to James for going all the way and asserting his position as the leader of the team.
Did anyone notice that in most episodes some of the employees filmed at the very beginning, tend to disappear later on…

INNA (an hair and beauty online booking service) joins the Naked Office experience, from body painting to sales training. Will the well-groomed team go all the way?

A very positive outcome for Aspire (a recruitment company specialised in the building trade):  the naked office experience has revealed the need for some changes, 1 month later the company turnover is at its peak! From body cast to calendar girls, perhaps one of the best episode so far!
With growing evidence of the benefits of this exercise, will Naked Friday become a new trend in the UK?

100 naked women bearing all to raise money for autism charity event, pausing for a calendar.
The ladies found this experience most liberating!

fiveyournews — 03 September 2007 — Ruth Liptrot joins 100 naked women for a charity calendar photo shoot.

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Since last night, he Naked Office is back with a brand new serie on Virgin, starting with an organic veg company…

Check out the workers reactions…

You can see some video snippets on Virgin, no doubt soon on YouTube too.


The Naked Office in the press:

The Naked Office: London Underground commuters strip off to help ‎ –

3 days ago

But the four naked men and women certainly livened up the usually dull journey for many people – attracting gasps from stunned workers.

The Naked Office showed naked ambition

Metro – 7 hours ago

TV review: The Naked Office demonstrated how there are a seemingly endless line of British bosses who are up for the crack. When it first popped its head

Last Night’s TV: The Naked Office – Times Online

The Naked Office, Virgin Not since watching Doctor Who as a child (OK, as an adult too)

The Naked Office – Virgin 1, 9pm 1 day ago

If we can get naked in front of our colleagues, argues behavioural change expert Seven Suphi, we can do anything. Tonight organic fruit and veg delivery

Charlie Brooker’s Screen burn: The Naked Office

The Guardian 4 days ago

Since then, we’ve been subjected to BBC3’s Naked, Sky’s The Real Full Monty, and now The Naked Office (Tue, 9pm, Virgin1), in which office workers are

We love the sexy secretaries in the Creeps videoclip – featuring Camille Jones Vs Fedde Le grand.

Quite incredible what people would do for a good cause!

The Bloody Apprentice

No office nudity here as such, but we could not resist showing you this as Sir Allan Sugar (“Alain Sucre” for the Francophones) talks about the taboo subject that was a mystery until now.

The video took months to put together by super talented writer Michael Bollen, the “cassetteboy” cut and paste expert.
Michael has a gift for making you laugh and also wrote the comedy novel Earth Inc.

Naked Gay Ted gets away with it!